Students Assistants

Application assistant

Zsófia Ivanka

Zsofia Ivanka is the main contact of the candidates during the application phase, until the first registration in the 1st semester at Lisbon, also handles the insurance issues between AON and the students.

She studied English Language, Literature and Communication Studies (specialized in film, television, translation and teaching) at the Arts Department of Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Piliscsaba, Hungary (1996 – 2003).

Since 1998 she has worked as a freelancer in several positions, such as teacher of English, translator, editor, photographer, journalist (e.g. at, She worked as the secretary-general at the Association of Hungarian Documentary Directors, Budapest, Hungary (2005 – 2008).

Since 2005 she has been the project assistant for several international projects at the Film Department of University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest, where she is also the students admission assistant for DocNomads JMD.

1 st semester/Dublin, IADT

2nd, Hungarian semester/Budapest, SZFE

3rd, Estonian semester/Tallin, BFM